Atlantic Fish Bar Past & Present

Fish and chips have been prepared and sold from this site since 1942 and quite possibly earlier than that still, but we have found records indicating that a Mr Williamson traded as a ‘fried fish caterer’ throughout WWII.  The shop then passed through the hands of Mr David Joseph Schofield and into the capable and long founded Jones family from 1952 until 1966, when the shop was purchased by Jimmy Nicolaides and renamed ‘The Atlantic Fish Bar’ in 1971.  Jimmy, Androula and family owned the shop until 2001 at which time it was purchased by our family Rob and Anne Field.


Since 2001 we have won several accolades including Weston Ambassador awards, voted Weston’s best chippie by Star radio and runners up in 2011 Morrisons magazine best fish and chip shop nationwide. The Atlantic Fish Bar underwent a refurbishment in 2014 underlining our commitment to providing excellent food and service for generations to come.  Our focus during this refurbishment was to concentrate on the fish and chip core of our business, and offer an uncompromising dedication to the best product available.

Best Quality is Home-Made Quality

Our company ethos of home-made food doesn’t stop at the main menu.  All of our adult sweets are home-made including the speciality ice creams which are forever evolving.  Current favourites are strawberry cheesecake, chocolate malteaser and white chocolate with cherry…  Try the signature knickerbocker glory which combines our home-made ice-creams with clotted cream, honeycomb, fruit coulées, home-made toffee sauce, fresh fruit and of course the cherry on top!  Because our deserts are home-baked we are also able to offer gluten free alternatives such as home-baked brownie sundae and banana fritters with toffee sauce and walnuts so no one need miss out!


Gluten Free Now Every Sunday

Gluten freeTo ensure as many people can enjoy our fish and chips as possible we now run a weekly gluten free day every sunday in addition to our usual menu offering a large range of gluten free choices from starters to sweets.  We can also chargrill all fish and offer several marinades to enhance their flavour.

Atlantic a Little Bit Different

Here at he Atlantic we like to try new things.  This is why alongside our perennial classics you will find things like blanched samphire, mackerel ceasar salad and cajun coated salmon fillet.  We also like to explore ideas with our special featured burger, my own favourite has to be the ploughmans with thick slices of stilton and caramelised red onion…Yum!

Quality Food Starts With Quality Ingredients

Our fish is either caught in MSC certified sustainable waters or sourced from day boat supplied local markets ensuring a continued livelihood for local fishermen and quite simply the best fish money can buy.  Our specials board located in the restaurant offers fish exclusively supplied by Brixham, Newlyn and Fleetwood markets which are caught, purchased and delivered to us overnight in smaller quantities to ensure exceptional freshness. Our potatoes are delivered from the farm and prepared exclusively in house and our oils are changed daily.  Our mushy peas are home-made and our sauces are home-made (try the tartar, its to die for!).

Only the ketchup is bought in because to be fair, our chips deserve heinz..!  A charcoal grill has also been added to our list of equipment enabling us to launch a new charcoal grilled 5oz burger range and a delicious selection of seasonal fish and market specials such as swordfish loin, whole seabass, halibut steak, mackerel fillet, Cornish sardines and many more.

Our Selection of Fish

COD – Super thin batter, fat white chunks of juicy sweet boneless cod drizzled with vinegar and fresh lemon juice. Need I say more? Cod is the nations favourite fish and for good reason, its mild flavour and delicate texture appeals to all.
HADDOCK – The Jewel in our crown, all of our haddock is line caught which helps preserve the whitest flakes of medium textured fish. Not quite as chunky as our cod loin but slightly more flavourful and the staple choice for our Scottish customers.
PLAICE – The most popular British flatfish, plaice fillet retains a delicate flavour but is slightly more pronounced than haddock. Look out for whole plaice on our market specials board, its a real treat!
ROCK SALMON – Rock Salmon or HUSS has a dense, meaty texture and offers one of the strongest flavours. Very popular in the East of England, it has been popular in chippies for generations.
SKATE – Skate is pink in colour and exceptionally sweet in flavour, not dissimilar to scallops. Skate is served as a skinned ‘wing’ and as such requires a technique to drag the meat from the bone with a fork. Don’t be put off though, skate is really rewarding and a must try for everyone.
SCAMPI – Scampi is the tail from a langoustine, or more specifically the Dublin Bay prawn. Scampi has been served in chip shops and pubs for years but we think you deserve better… Our scampi is delivered un-breaded and we buy only the largest grade of whole tail available then prepare them in house with our extra special cajun breading. This stuff is the real deal and far superior to the generic product offered elsewhere.
SEABASS – Sea-bass is enjoying a booming popularity and for good reason. A delicate white fish with a pronounced sweetness in its flavour sets this fish aside from most others.
SWORDFISH – Swordfish has an extremely meaty texture and a fairly strong flavour. Its simplicity is its strength and I love it with masses of fresh lemon, freshly cooked chips and a side of home-made coleslaw.
MACKEREL – Mackerel is a very oily fish packed with omega 3 and even more flavour. Mackerel is less abundant than in years gone by and I predict that as supply shortens peoples appreciation of this exceptional fish will sky rocket.
HALIBUT – Halibut is the perfect fish to be battered. Everything you like about cod, halibut does better but sadly is priced accordingly. Halibut is my favourate fish and in my opinion nothing beats it.
LEMON SOLE – Lemon sole used to be a delicacy of the local chip shop but recent years has seen its popularity waine for no good reason. All Sole has an exceptionally delicate flavour and flaky texture which really does deserve a taste. I intend to lead a resurgence in the popularity of Sole, man!

All of our fish can be battered and most can be cooked on our charcoal grill with choice of cajun rub or citrus and chilli marinade. We also offer the option to have your fish breaded, skinless, steamed or fried in our Light Bite batter for a lighter product.