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Swordfish (Xiphias gladius)

Swordfish (Xiphias gladius) is available on our menu all year long and is a perfect marriage to our charcoal grill.  Possibly the meatiest fish available swordfish steak verges on a pork like texture and is best served lightly cooked to retain the maximum moisture.  As with all game fish the flavour is reasonably string and […]

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Turbot (Scophthalmus maximus)

Turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) is another very highly prized member of the flat fish family and like Halibut is now being successfully farmes in Atlantic and Mediterranean waters.  Turbot is a very meaty fish with robust moisture retaining flakes which cooks up bright white, providing a slightly fishier flavour than some other flats.  Turbot holds its […]

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Skate is native to our shores and encompasses a number of sub species, all with very similar textures and flavours.  Much like shark and dogfish, skate has cartilage instead of bones characteristically fanning through the wings (the most edible part) requiring a technique of dragging the meat off the wing with a fork or knife.  […]

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King Prawns (Melicertus tigrinus)

No seafood restaurant menu would be complete without King Prawns!  Ours are purchased as raw black tiger prawns (Melicertus tigrinus) and we subsequently marinade them in light piri-piri spices, garlic and citrus ready for grilling on our char-grill on skewers.  Dependent on availability and price, our prawns are usually whole but occasionally headless.

Prawns have a […]

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Mackerel (Scomber scombrus)

Mackerel (Scomber scombrus) Is a small game fish found throughout the British Isles and beyond and is closely related to Tuna and yahoo.  As such we consider Mackerel exceptionally underrated and urge our customers to try this delicious native fish with an open mind.  Mackerel is one of the best known sources of omega 3 […]

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Halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus)


Halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus) is one of the most prestigious fish available here at the Atlantic and is now permanently found on our menu’s.  During more recent years Halibut has been successfully farmed in North Atlantic waters but due to its slow growth rate still commands a significant premium and line caught wild fish is as […]

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Plaice (Pleuronectes platessa)

Plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) is another perennial chip-shop favorite mainly due to its excellence when battered.  Plaice has a more subtle flavour than sole and is best eaten fresh due to its delicate flavour dissipating rather quickly after capture.  We are lucky here in Weston because Brixham lands a lot of Plaice from the South coast […]

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Fresh Cod Roe

Usually only available from around Christmas and up to very early spring, fresh cod roe is a by-product of fishing during the spawning period.  Cod roe has a long history in fish and chip shop cuisine but is usually sold processed, however whenever available we also offer ours traditionally poached in seasoning and herbs then […]

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Scampi Dublin Bay prawns

Scampi, otherwise known as Dublin Bay prawns or langoustines (Nephrops norvegicus) are closer in family to lobster than king prawns.  The meat used is still housed within the tail of the shellfish and has a delicious sweet taste and prawn texture although perhaps slightly less firm and more crab-like.  The Langoustines we purchase are the […]

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Homemade Cod and Salmon fishcakes

There is nothing like a really good homemade fishcake from your local chippie, coated in delicious light batter and deep fried it really is the stuff of nostalgia.  At the Atlantic we use our own MSC certified fresh cod, fresh salmon fillet, fresh herbs, mashed potato, seasonings and garlic to create a flavoursome version of […]

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Rock salmon (Scyliorhinus stellaris)

Also know as Huss, Rock Eel or Dogfish.  Rock salmon (Scyliorhinus stellaris)  has enduring popularity in and around the London area due to its meaty, monkfish-like texture which is ideal for battering.  Rock salmon is another fish that handles strong flavours well such as curry sauce or other hot spices and is served skinless with […]

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Hake (Merluccius poli)

Hake (Merluccius poli) is another white fish from the same family as cod and haddock.  Hake tends to have an even lighter, more fragile flake than both cod and haddock and when cooked can yield a white/very slightly pink flesh with a mild flavour.  Hake takes flavours very well and is a really good alternative […]

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Cod (Gadus morhua)

Here at the Atlantic Fish Bar we pride ourselves on our cod loin and line caught haddock fillets.  We take sustainability very seriously and as such only use MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) cod fillets, certified as caught from sustainable and responsibly managed fishing grounds.

Cod (Gadus morhua) hardly needs any introduction but is a tender-firm textured […]

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Bread and Butter

Here at the Atlantic we make our own fresh mayonnaise, which forms the base of our homemade tartar sauce and garlic mayonnaise sides.
Bread and Butter:
We use doorstop size bread slices and smother them in real butter for mopping up all the juices, or even the perfect chip butty!

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Atlantic Mothers Day Lunch Menu

seafood risotto
with roasted vegetables (GF)
classic prawn cocktail (GF)
breaded portabello mushrooms
with homemade garlic mayonnaise

breaded lemon sole fillet
deepfried with fresh lemon and homemade tartar sauce
ploughmans 5oz beefburger
with bluecheese and caramelised red onion
char GRILLED SALMON fillet (GF)
with a prosecco and chive sauce, served on crushed new potatoes

Homemade new york baked strawberry cheesecake
served […]

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Haddock ( Melanogrammus aeglefinus)

Haddock ( Melanogrammus aeglefinus) is only marginally behind cod in popularity in Southern England, but is significantly more popular North of the Midlands. As with our cod all of our Haddock is MSC certified sustainable and caught predominantly from Norwegian vessels in Norwegian waters by a method known as long lining. The benefit of hook […]

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Christmas dinner menu weston super mare

Christmas at Atlantic fish bar
Christmas time is Altantic time. A time to celebrate, a time to be spoilt and a time to enjoy great food.
With great quality food, our team are ready to make your Christmas event extra special. Celebrate in Atlantic fish bar and restaurant – the perfect setting for your Christmas party.
Whether you’re looking to […]

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Free vouchers for restaurant – weston super mare

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Fancy a free mackerel bap take-away?

Please feel free to post your comment and in return first 20 get free mackerel bap!…. just mention… Anyone fancy a free mackerel bap take-away?

As part of his Fish Fight, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is encouraging us to eat a more diverse range of fish, and there’s one cheap, sustainable, nutritious and extremely tasty species right at the front of the […]

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The key to great and fresh food? Great and fresh Ingredients!


The key to great food is great ingredients.  In today’s world of fast food, fashionable coffee shops, and pizza fuelled mopeds-sometimes that gets lost but we at the Atlantic Fish Bar never lose sight of the fundamentals to great fish and chips:  first class ingredients.

We select our stock of potatoes weekly and this stock is […]

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Picture Weston-s-Mare Atlantic FishBar in its “hay-day”

Picture Weston Super Mare in its hay-day, what images come to mind?  Kiss me quick hats, donkeys on the beach, deckchairs and sun hats tied from hankies?  For me its always fish and chips.  Whether picked at from newspaper or served overflowing on a tray the aroma of freshly cooked batter and vinegar drizzled chips […]

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Atlantic Fish Fight – Coley, Whiting, Pouting, Cornish Sole, Mussels and fresh Calamari on Atlantic Fish Bar menu!

Wall of Fame

Due to sustained global pressure on North Atlantic cod stocks we need to act now if we wish to preserve cod for our nation’s future. Icelandic fishing methods have shown us that sustainable management of cod stocks is possible, but firstly we need to ease the pressure on our cod by DIVERSIFYING our […]

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Welcome to our new website.

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