Haddock ( Melanogrammus aeglefinus) is only marginally behind cod in popularity in Southern England, but is significantly more popular North of the Midlands. As with our cod all of our Haddock is MSC certified sustainable and caught predominantly from Norwegian vessels in Norwegian waters by a method known as long lining. The benefit of hook and line caught fish is the preservation of its structural integrity by avoiding the ‘packing’ effect of trawled fish in the net. Ecologically speaking long lining is also significantly less damaging than trawling.

Haddock has smaller delicate flakes than cod which are slightly less firm when cooked but also slightly sweeter.

Like our cod, all of our haddock (except kids sizes) are cooked and served skin on, because the skin protects the fish and locks in moisture and flavour. However we are happy to remove the skin upon request and offer our cod battered, chargrilled plain or in Cajun spices, steamed, breaded, gluten free battered and coated in our light fusion batter for those seeking a healthier option.n.


Fried haddock