Picture Weston Super Mare in its hay-day, what images come to mind?  Kiss me quick hats, donkeys on the beach, deckchairs and sun hats tied from hankies?  For me its always fish and chips.  Whether picked at from newspaper or served overflowing on a tray the aroma of freshly cooked batter and vinegar drizzled chips always conjures up memories of the good old days.  Days spent strolling down the promenade for a trip to Knightstone Island swimming baths or guzzling a cone of chips before whiling an hour in the penny arcades.  Weston  has changed a lot over the years and so has our nations tastes but one thing has not….the love of our national dish.

The Atlantic Fish Bar has been in Meadow Street for at least 65 years when started by Mr Jones before being purchased by Jimmy Nicolaides in 1966.  Jimmy extended the shop into a restaurant next door and retired in 2001 after trading for 35 years with his wife Andrula and their three boys.  We took over the Atlantic from Jimmy after learning his methods and secrets and have traded with the same adherence to quality ever since, adding options such as grilled, steamed or bread crumbed fish with or without skin.

Over the past 9 years we have introduced fish choices to our menu such as Hake and OAP specials to accompany the traditional options of Cod, Haddock, Plaice, Rock Salmon and Skate.  We also offer seasonal specials such as Mussels, Sea Bass, Lemon Sole, Monkfish and halibut.  The shop has raised several thousand pounds selling portions of Shark, Tuna and even Conger Eel, all of which has been donated to local charities.

So picture the scene again of Weston Super mare in its prime.  The Pier may have been rebuilt, knightstone island baths may have been changed into swanky apartments and the Tropicana may well be derelict.  But those fabulous fish and chips you remember?  They haven’t changed, and they are still being served by the Atlantic Fish Bar, Meadow Street.